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Ground Force - Frequently Asked Questions




• Where can I buy Ground Force products?

Ground Force products can be purchased through our online store, Pep Boys, Jegs, Summit Racing, 4 Wheel Parts, and many other dealers.

• Do you make a suspension kit for a [insert vehicle here]?

You can check our lowering fitment kit lookup or our leveling fitment kit lookup to see if we make a suspension kit for your vehicle.

• What makes you different from "BRAND X"?

We have over 30 years of experience in the truck suspension business. Our attention to detail and the quality materials we use in our components make us the guys to go to when you want to modify your vehicle's suspension.

• What types of materials are the kit components made from?

We use high-quality materials to make an OE equivalent product (for example: OE torsion keys are cast; our torsion keys are cast). We manufacture all kit components to match or exceed OE quality standards.

• Where are Ground Force products made?

All Ground Force products are made in our Mount Braddock, Pennsylvania facility with materials manufactured in the USA.

• I don't need the whole kit. Can I buy individual components?

We sell shocks, coil kits, and shackles individually, but we will not break apart full kits. Contact us for more information.

• Do Ground Force kits come with a warranty?

Yes. All Ground Force products (except shocks) come with a limited lifetime warranty.

• How can I become a dealer of Ground Force products?

Contact us and we will get the necessary information from you and set up your account so you can be a Ground Force reseller.


• Will I need any special tools to install a Ground Force suspension kit?

Most kits can be installed using only standard shop tools. For some kits we suggest you use a torsion bar unloading tool or a spring compressor tool for your safety during installation.

• Will my vehicle need an alignment after I install a Ground Force kit?

Yes. Any time suspension components are replaced or modified the vehicle should always have a vehicle alignment performed by a qualified mechanic. The alignment shop should set the camber and toe first. The caster will not match specifications as the frame angle will have changed.

• Will I be able to put [insert size here] wheels on my vehicle after I install your kit?

Our kits are designed so that you will be able to use the largest wheels that the manufacturer supports. You may be able to go larger depending on the application. (NOTE: Vehicles modified with the 2007-2013 spindle kit must use 17" or larger wheels.)

• Will I be able to use my vehicle to tow after I install a Ground Force suspension kit?

In most cases, yes. Installing a flip kit will prevent you from towing with the modified vehicle. Depending on what is being towed, a rear air assist kit may be needed for other vehicles.

• Will I need aftermarket sway bars?

No. All Ground Force suspension kits are designed to include all the parts you need for installation.

• Will I need an alignment kit after I install a Ground Force kit?

No. All Ground Force suspension kits will align to factory specifications using factory equipment.

• Why won't a kit designed for an extended cab fit a regular cab vehicle?

All Ground Force suspension kits are individually designed for the fitment listed and will not fit other vehicle configurations.

• Will installing a Ground Force suspension kit affect my vehicle's ride quality?

No. All Ground Force suspension kits are precision tuned to be as close to OE ride quality as possible.

• Will I need additional parts to install a Ground Force suspension kit?

No. Our one part number system has all the required components you will need to complete the job.

• Why is the leveling spacer not as tall as the advertised level?

The leveling spacer height does not need to be the same thickness as the advertised lift/level height, as the spacer install plays off the suspension geometery. For example: the installation of a 1¼” spacer on top of the strut will be 2” at the tire/fender.

If you have a question that is not answered here, please contact us.